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Introducing the Geberit ShowerToilet, a single, space-saving unit which combines the functions of a water closet with the principles of a bidet.

The ShowerToilet has been on the European market for over eighteen years and has proven itself in workmanship, reliability and consumer acceptance. The ShowerToilet has continuously improved to meet today's high standards in hygiene, design and quality. Currently, the ShowerToilet is installed in some of Europe's most prominent hotels, namely, Hotel Palace in Gstaad, Hotel San Gian in St. Moritz and the Hotel Palace in Luzern.

Many other Hotels and Resorts have converted to the ShowerToilet rather than the Toilet-Bidet combination due to the minimal amount of space it occupies, its hygienic features and the simplicity of its use for their guests.

The ShowerToilet receives such popularity with individuals who own one in their home, they make it a point to book in a hotel that has the ShowerToilet installed.

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The water temperature in the heater is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and comes from

the fresh water supply line and not from the water in the toilet tank.

Wipe heresomething you don't need with the ShowerToilet



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