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       From  All about Itzehoe in Schleswig Holstein near  Hamburg  Germany
       Poetry in GERMAN,  aboutClick here for the poem and Germans from the past

       Living in  Pompano Beach - Broward CountyState of Florida   (YES, long enough to be a FLORIDIAN)

       Here a is "MAP" of my Homestead, our "BUILDING" and our  "WEATHER"

       A Satellite View of "POMPANO BEACH" and "KEY WEST" courtesy of "USGS"

       Also a moving "WEATHER - MAP" of the Southeast USA by "INTELLICAST"

       Our local "NEWSPAPER"  and the Downtown "WEB CAM"

       Click onClick here for Travel around the Worldto find any Place or Site in the US of

       Find out what is behind the "EARTH CAM" and many others around the world

If you are from Germany, you will like the   A lot of Info about Germany


and much more.
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My family: Just ME and my wife LINDA  we are  DINKS "Double Income No KidS"

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on the 14th Street Causeway in Pompano Beach, Florida

  from Steamboat, Colorado, USA



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